The nutritional advice service offered is to have a personal nutrition plan, formulated on the assessment of the nutritional profile, habits, character and tastes of the patient. This program aims to marry the needs of the patient with the acquisition of a lifestyle and healthy nutrition and prevention of diseases, destined to become, gently and naturally, a habit for life.
Services provided
• Evaluation of the nutritional profile: eating habits, body parameters
• Calculation of BMI and body composition (bioelectrical impedance analysis and plicometria)
• Nutritional and eating behavior, motivational Nutrition education, rational nutrition.
• Formulation of plans for specific physiological and pathological food status (Severe obesity, celiac disease, childhood obesity, weight loss, post-operative convalescence, eating disorders)
• Seminars for educational, sports, hospital, restaurants and accommodation.
• Formulation of specific menus for school canteens, hospitals and care facilities.

The Welfare Shopping
Also buy foods may require a dose of awareness and professionalism. There are choices that will affect the quality of the food on our plates and then, our well-being. Organize and choose consciously means to save money, become autonomous in their choices and thus to obtain the maximum benefit from the simplest gesture: eating. Support Service to the shopping was created to support those who want to set off on the path of well-being using an experienced guide who will administer the resources (money, time, food) with awareness and sustainability.